Weekly CSA Box Contents

3/19/19 through 3/26/19

Gourmet, Spring or Spicy Salad Mix bag

Spinach bag

Frilly Mustard

Cara Cara Oranges or Grapefruit





Carrots loose

Cilantro bunch

Thyme bunch

Potatoes loose


Spring Onion bunch

Apples (grown locally in Mountain Center)


What’s the difference between a small box and large box? We normally put 2-3 extra items in the large boxes (small is 12 items) and (large is 14-15 items)


Available for Add-On: Farm Fresh Eggs, Local honey & Local Green-fed Ground Beef!

Please note that boxes can vary from day to day, depending on Mother Nature and what is and isn’t ripe enough to harvest. If you are missing any of these items, we have included more of something else to compensate.

A Kind Reminder: Please return your recyclable box & ice-pack to the location you pick up.

CSA Box Contents 3/19/19 thru 3/26/19