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This Week's Box



Week of 12/12 thru 12/17


Baby Beets Greens

Avocados Fuerte


Romaine Green

Oranges Navel

Butternut Squash

Potatoes Mix


Broccoli Leaves

Onions Winter Bunch

Persimmons Fuyu


Large boxes: Eggs and Yams

Thank You for the Support!! 

 *A kind reminder to return your recyclable box & ice-pack to the location you pick up.

Please note that boxes can vary from day to day, depending on Mother Nature and what is and isn't ripe enough to harvest.  If you are missing any of these items, we have included more of something else to compensate.  

Community Supported Agriculture


Thank you for supporting small farms,  you are truely why we are able to do what we do!


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