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This Week's Box



Week of 2/12 thru 2/19

Mesclun Mix

Oranges Navel and Cara Cara

Delicata Squash

Lemons Eureka

Broccoli Crowns

Spinach Bag


Grapefruit Star Ruby

Avacados Fuerte


Salad Mix


Large boxes:  Radish Roxanne, Onion Bunch, Extra Broccoli

Thank You for the Support!! 

 *A kind reminder to return your recyclable box & ice-pack to the location you pick up.

Please note that boxes can vary from day to day, depending on Mother Nature and what is and isn't ripe enough to harvest.  If you are missing any of these items, we have included more of something else to compensate.  

Community Supported Agriculture

An illustration about how CSA programs work:

We want to thank everyone who purchased CSAs or products, and donated through our campaign website.  You are all so amazing!

Indiegogo Campaign Thank You Video from Second Estate Films on Vimeo.


Here are some great video's from our CSA members.  What is your favorite part about our CSA, we would love to hear fom you.  Please leave us comment or suggestions by clicking on our "comments and suggestions" link to the left

Sage Mountain Farm CSA Customer from Second Estate Films on Vimeo.


Happy Sage Mountain CSA Customer on Vimeo.


Local Farmers.

If you knew more about what it takes to be a Farmer, you would revere your local Farmers and their Field workers as "heroes" in the modern food revolution.

For those of you that are not aware of the challenges of being a Farmer, perhaps this video will help to enlighten you (it gives a whole new meaning to the words, "support your local Farmer"):