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This Week's Box



Week of 2/12 thru 2/19

Mesclun Mix

Oranges Navel and Cara Cara

Delicata Squash

Lemons Eureka

Broccoli Crowns

Spinach Bag


Grapefruit Star Ruby

Avacados Fuerte


Salad Mix


Large boxes:  Radish Roxanne, Onion Bunch, Extra Broccoli

Thank You for the Support!! 

 *A kind reminder to return your recyclable box & ice-pack to the location you pick up.

Please note that boxes can vary from day to day, depending on Mother Nature and what is and isn't ripe enough to harvest.  If you are missing any of these items, we have included more of something else to compensate.  

Community Supported Agriculture

About Us

  Hi, We are Phil and Juany Noble together, we own and operate Sage Mountain Farm. We are an active part of the organic food revolution that is sweeping across our country.

    When we moved to Hemet, we quickly planted a vegetable garden and filled up some of the existing corrals with cows, pigs, goats and chickens.

    Starting with a small garden we ended up having some extra produce; not wanting to let anything go to waste we decided to sell some at the local farmer's market.  The people thanked us for coming and asked if we would be coming back next week, so we did and Sage Mountain Farm was born. 

    Because it's so easy for a conventional farm to contaminate an organic farm, we enjoy farming in the wilderness - far away from all conventional farms – and we practice and maintain organic, sustainable farming practices.

    All of our fruits and vegetables are grown on our family farm using sparkling clean natural well water and healthy organic processes. At our high desert property, we also use organic guidelines to raise steers, chickens and pigs.

    Motivated by their passion for bringing produce to the marketplace, and their love for the outdoors and farming, they planted fruit trees, fenced of the property and purchased some of the land adjacent to their original 5 acres.

    We now own multiple properties and have started Sage Mountain Beef, where we also offer green-fed beef and pork, for purchase or, as part of our beef CSA program.  Click here for information about Sage Mountain Beef.  


A "Noble" son

We work very, very hard with the hope that someday we will earn the right to be your very own farmer(if we aren't already). No one in the Sage Mountain Farm family works harder than our son, Justin Noble.

He is a key part of our distribution system and just about everything we do.

We supply Whole Foods Market and other healthy food stores, several restaurants and hotels, including the Meritage at Calloway Winery, here in Temecula.

We also supply countless individuals and families through our booths at the Farmers Markets and through our innovative CSA program.

We hope to be your food supplier as well. The future of our Farm is the CSA and small farms cannot survive without the support of their community.

If you reside in any one of the beautiful California Counties of San Diego, San Bernardino, or Riverside you're in luck! Chances are very good that our produce is available to you, locally.

By far, the best way for an individual person (or family) to enjoy our tasty fresh picked, local, organic and sustainable food is by joining our CSA program.




Certified Organic

We are USDA Certified Organic growers, and are registered with the Riverside County and State of California Departments of Agriculture.

The company that helped us through the certification process wasORGANIC CERTIFIERS of Ventura, California. ORGANIC CERTIFIERS is USDA, IFOAM, ISO65 (EU Equivalent) and CARTV(Canadian Organic Regimen) Accredited, and has been certifying the organic community since 1996.

Their company was one of the first accredited by the USDA in early 2002, and they have a branch office in Temecula, California.